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Although many homeowners look to upgrade their houses with the addition of a deck or home addition, few people think of the possibility of a screened porch. Professional Remodeling Group located in Fairfax, Virginia tells homeowners about the many benefits of having a screened in porch.

Screened porches are built solely for enjoyment. They allow homeowners to enjoy the outdoors while sheltering form harsh elements like the sun on a hot day, rain, and pests. Being outdoors is wonderful, however, insects and bugs can ruin the outdoors. Spending more time outdoors is possible with an enclosed porch.

Although they offer shelter, screened porches still allow users to capture a breeze or entertain regardless of the weather. Entertaining in a screened porch environment is a great experience. Homeowners don’t have to worry about creating a mess because this isn’t a room but a porch environment. It is also cooler than simply entertaining on an outdoor porch.

Most importantly, screened porches can be built on a budget. For a low investment, homeowners can add an increased value to their home. A porch that is enclosed adds more value when the house is on the market than a porch, which is not enclosed.

Professional Remodeling Group a northern Virginia screened porch contractor mentions some considerations when building a screened porch. To avoid the porch looking like a ghastly addition to your house, be sure to match the trim details of your house including the roof. This means deciding between aluminum or wood-framed porches which will depend on the design of your house. Secondly, to ensure that there is continual air movement through the screened porch, homeowners should consider adding a powerful ceiling fan so that the temperature in the porch area is comfortable even on a warm day with no breeze.

Another consideration by our screened porch contractor is the size of your screened porch. There are many beautiful designs that can add extra and unique living space to your home. To decide on the size of your screened porch, consider the furniture you will be putting in the room, how many people you are planning to gather in the room. Professional Remodeling Group urges homeowners to remember that screened porches can be enclosed later at a minimal cost, and this adds to the future investment.

Screened porches are definitely something to consider as opposed to a regular sunroom or deck as an addition to your home. Not only are they value adding to your home, but they also add value to your life by providing a comfortable shelter and place to pause from your hectic life and enjoy.

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